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the eco shop :: Beauty Products :: Lipstick :: Lipstick - Scarlet Letter 4.2g HANAMI

Lipstick - Scarlet Letter 4.2g HANAMI
Lipstick - Scarlet Letter 4.2g HANAMI 
Say hello to a natural lipstick that actually sticks. Yep, this vegan lip colour is super long lasting, meaning it’ll stay vibrant from morning ‘til night … or night ‘til morning (we're not judging!). Jojoba oil and shea butter make for a creamy and flawless application, as well as keeping your lips moisturized all day long!

Key Features: hydrating and moisturizing – stops your lips from drying out, plant waxes and oils create a creamy flawless application. Semi matte, long-lasting color.
Made from the perfect combination of plant oils and waxes, check out the full ingredients.


HANAMI cosmetics are proud to be certified cruelty free & vegan (PETA and CCF certification), and independently owned.

So here we are! Ready and excited to provide you with the best of the best in vegan makeup, ten free nail polish, skincare and more (yep, we have ten million ideas so who knows what's next!)
Plant & Mineral Based Ingredients

Glance your peepers over our labels and you'll notice that we're big fans of coconut, shea, jojoba, castor oil, grapeseed, mineral colours and a heap of natural ingredients that you may keep stashed in your kitchen cabinet at home, yep we weren't joking about this 'natural ingredients' bizo! But there may also be some tongue twisters on there that aren't as recognisable, here's where we source them from:

Glycerin – Soy or Maze. NOP certified
Cetearyl Glucoside – Corn or Coconut
Cetearyl / Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol – Coconut & Lye
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Coconut
Propylene Glycol – Soy or Canola
Cetyl Alcohol – Coconut
Stearic Acid – Cocoa, Shea butter or Coconut
Glycerol Monosterate – Coconut or Sunflower
Polyglyceryl Oleate – Coconut or Soy
Tocopherol – Vitamin E

What you WON'T find in Hanami Cosmetics

get ready for some big scary words.....

Nano Particles

Nano particles are small particles with all three dimensions less than 100 nanometres (.1 micron), they're able to penetrate the skin’s surface layers and potentially cause some serious damage while they do it. Rest assured, HANAMI Cosmetics do not contain any ingredient with a particle size less than .1 micron. Phew!


Cheap foaming agents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are chucked in many beauty products (fun fact: it's also widely used in industrial cleaning agents such as engine degreaser) Guess what? You WON'T be finding these in any HANAMI product.


Gross endocrine disruptors, butylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, and ethylparaben, can mimic oestrogen in the body which may be linked to increasing the risk of breast cancer. We don't use these, we're doing our best to look after your beautiful lady parts!


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Price: AUD 32.35


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Winter is here and the cold weather is well and truly upon us. Our vitamins and immune boosters are essential in helping keep away any undesirable lurgies. If you are suffering from arthritic pain or sore joints Glucosmine and Chondroitin or Green Lipped Mussel can make a difference. Staying fit is also a great way to maintain a healthy body, we have Natural Plant and Whey Protein that can enhance your performance. A good Skincare regime can help you moisturise your face and body and keep your hair shiny and clean. Take care and stay healthy.


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